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Forex traders, what is the best way to understand and calculate leverage?

I've been around the forex industry for some time and this is one of the few things, no matter the way it was explained I couldn't understand it. I'm curious to hear other points of view.
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Forex Profit Calculator

Forex Profit Calculator
By using a Forex Profit Calculator, you can simulate how much money or pips a trading position represents, quantitatively, depending on whether the position is profitable or losses.To get more information, visit our website:
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Futures /Forex Position size calculator (R/R in $ value)

The position size calculator displays R in tick value. It would be really helpful to have the option to display R in dollar value. Especially for Futures and Forex traders. In Futures, the tick value is different by the asset.
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For forex / crypto, when calculating sharpe ratio, where do we get risk-free rate percentage to use in the formula?

Hi, sharpe ratio formula says it is (average return - riskfree rate return) / standard deviation of return
but where do we get the risk free rate return of crypto and forex in day trading algos?
thank you.
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How/where to pay tax on profit from forex exchange?

Earlier this tax year I had an inheritance come through. I had this money sat in my Shinsei account in CAD as I had a feeling the yen might weaken. I then waited and converted the money a while later once the CAD had gained against the yen, thus I made a profit, the profit is over the 200,000 yen limit.
I have a salaried job but no side business, this was a one off windfall. How do I go about declaring this and paying the (20%??) capital gains tax?
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Noki... a? (this calculator was spotted at an exchange office in Istanbul, Turkey)

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How To Calculate Margin Call And Stop Out In Forex Trading

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Forex Market Trade PnL, Risk, Lots Calculator and FX Resources Script

Forex Market Trade PnL, Risk, Lots Calculator and FX Resources Script submitted by ochristopher to u/ochristopher [link] [comments] free server volume calculation

It seems that ForexVPS offers free vps-services as long as certain monthly trading volumes are met and I was wondering about the method of calculation. For example, the “Basic+” plan has a minimum of 10 lots to be free of if just I were to open 10 1-lot trades and immediately close them again throughout the month, would the goal still be met?
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How To Calculate Margin Call And Stop Out In Forex Trading

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Love such exchanges in the earlier seasons before "I'm Donna" saga began

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Questions regarding cost basis calculation and offsetting forex gains with crypto asset losses

Hi there,
I came back to Japan late last year after spending many years working abroad and am having a hard time wrapping my head around the intricate tax system here. I have been lurking on this forum for a few months now, and I must say the amazing wealth of information gathered here has been really helpful. Huge thanks to u/starkimpossibility and the rest of the crew. You guys are doing an amazing job!
That being said, there are still some points for which I cannot seem to find a clear answer, be it here or on the website of the NTA. I'd really appreciate it if someone can shed a light on these.
#1 Can cryptocurrency capital gains/losses and foreign exchange gains/losses offset each other?
I gather from StarkImpossibility's hugely helpful [Guide to the Taxation of Foreign Currency]( that foreign currency gains / losses are categorized as "various income" (各種所得).
I also understand from StarkImpossibility's equally amazing [Updated Cryptocurrency Tax Guide]( and from the NTA's very own [Tax Treatment of Crypto Assets]( document that capital gains from the liquidation of crypto-assets are considered as "miscellaneous income" (雑所得).
I cannot find however anywhere where it is stated that "various income" (各種所得) is the same thing as "miscellaneous income" (雑所得) and therefore whether foreign currency gains / losses belong to the same category of taxable income as crypto assets capital gains / losses and whether they can offset each other.
All I could find was [this third party website](所得税法上の為替差損益の取り扱い/) that gives an evasive answer
> (※2)為替差損益の所得分類は雑所得という考え方のほか、譲渡所得という見解もあります > (*2) In addition to the idea that foreign exchange gains and losses are classified as miscellaneous income, there is also a view that they are transfer income.
#2 What is the cost basis of cryptoassets that were acquired before moving to Japan?
I understand from the aforementioned taxation guides that the cost basis for assets purchased while being a tax resident of Japan is calculated using the Moving Average Method, and that since 2019 the Total Average Method applies by default to crypto assets unless a derogation is obtained from the NTA.
But what of the assets that were purchased before becoming a tax resident of Japan? Where I was living before moving to Japan, tax authorities would allow to chose between LIFO, FIFO and lot based accounting. As a result, I have been managing my portfolio using the FIFO method, and assuming that older assets were being liquidated first and that the cost basis for each asset in my portfolio was the weighted average of all the unspent lots i.e. the most recently purchased lots.
Assuming that, I have made sure to "roll" (i.e. selling and repurchasing immediately) key assets in my portfolio to realize capital gains and set a new, higher cost basis before coming back to Japan.
So which cost-basis applies? The one at which I rolled my positions as per the FIFO principle that was applicable then, or the Total / Moving Average Method? If the latter, does that mean that the NTA expects people coming from foreign to redo their entire accounting going back several (potentially many) years just to apply an accounting method they didn't know they would have to apply in the future?
#3 Are non-current assets considered fungible with the corresponding current assets?
I have USD and other currencies and asset deposits locked in time deposits, life insurance plans, pension plans etc. some of which I cannot access at all before I reach the age of retirement, and some of which I cannot withdraw without terminating the plan and incurring heavy financial penalties. Are these currency and asset deposits considered fungible with immediately available currency / asset balances? In other words, am I supposed to also include the purchase price of these assets in the moving average / total average cost basis calculation?
#4 Are liabilities considered fungible with the current assets?
If I borrow cash, is the amount I borrowed also supposed to be included in the calculation of the overall cost basis for the asset? If I lend cash, is the amount I lent still supposed to be included in the calculation of the overall cost basis for the asset? When the borrower repays me the cash I lent them, is the money I'm getting back supposed to be included in the calculation of the overall cost basis for the asset?
Is lending funds a taxable event like gifting or selling is?
I have a credit card denominated in a foreign currency that I am using regularly in Japan since I have arrived. I always make sure that the card is charged in JPY and not in its native currency. So each time I use it, I incur a liability in JPY on D-day, that is converted to a liability in the foreign currency on next business day. At the end of the month, I settle the credit card bill in foreign currency. How are foreign currency gains calculated in that case? Are they calculated at each transaction using the transaction date, or only once when I settle the credit card bill at the end of the month?
So many questions but I stop here as this is getting a bit too long.
Thanks in advance for your help!
Edit: small corrections
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Do exchanges in the US allow shorting on forex ? I’m asking because I cannot short crypto in the US and I am losing opportunities due to this … If so which exchanges is it supported on. Thank you in advance 🙏🏼

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FOREX COURSE: Doyle Exchange

Not gonna lie his trading style is very good but I think his videos are definitely a bit hard to follow along, at least for beginners and every now and then it seems like he contradicts himself, now that doesn't mean his course isn't good, all im saying is its definitely not the end all be all.
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Is the exchange rate on your mobile calculator still available?

In China, the exchange rate in the calculator is removed. So I'm using an older version.I'm curious if your exchange rate is still there?which country?
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What Exactly Is A Forex Spread And How Is It Calculated?

The forex spread is the difference between forex broker's sell and buy rates when exchanging or trading currencies. The spread represents the difference between what the market maker gives to buy from a trader, and what the market maker takes to sell to a trader.
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What Is Forex Exchange Market and How Does FX Trading Work?

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Matching of forex transactions for Tax calculation

I've read somewhere that on Interactive Brokers (don't know how true this is), when you buy say USD with GBP, you are not actually owning dollars, but opening a USD denominated short position on an instrument called GBP.USD, but it still effectively looks like owning dollars.
I'm using an open source script (written by a UK forex trader) to parse IB html which includes these GBP.USD transactions, and it shows the opening and closing of short positions and calculates P/L based on that. Although IB does show your currency positions on the activity report, it only shows transactions involving the GBP.USD instrument in the trading confirmations report.
Now, my problem is not with the USD transactions, but I'm wondering how this concept plays out with some of my Euro transactions. I had converted GBP to EUR and well as USD to EUR. Normally you would think both pools of Euros are just that, Euros, and can be considered together.
But in the IB world this could look like a GBP denominated long position in the instrument EUR.GBP and a USD denominated long position in the instrument EUR.USD separately. So when I convert some Euros to GBP, IB is actually closing the EUR.GBP position, and if I convert some USD to EUR, IB actually opens additional EUR.USD long positions.
Suppose these last two conversions happen within the space of 30 days. If I think this in terms of Euros, then I have disposed off and reacquired Euros, so might hit the BnB rule (or maybe not, since even in that case, pounds are not used to purchase the new Euros?), but if I think in terms of the instruments that IB is supposedly'holding in the background (again, this is what is implied in the trade confirmations), then the BnB rule won't be hit since these are separate instruments. I suspect the latter is the case, and this is indeed what the software does, but I would like to know for sure from people experienced with this topic.
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Warning list: Forex brokers and crypto exchanges that have been recently complained about by investors

Warning list: Forex brokers and crypto exchanges that have been recently complained about by investors

Recently resolved/replied complaint issues

  • CPT Markets - Quote anomaly causes client to lose $105,000 - Resolved
  • ACY Securities - did not allow the client to withdraw funds - replied
  • AxiTrader - Malicious slippage led to client's loss - Replied
  • Exness - Slippage is serious and commission is not paid - Replied
  • ZFX - Malicious slippage causing client losses - Replied
▼You can view broker information and complaint details on the FxGecko APP or website.\_US/

Complaints not resolved/no response received

  • Decode Global - Closing the withdrawal channel and not allowing clients to withdraw their funds
  • XM - the real market trend and the demo market are not the same, resulting in the loss of the client
  • KCM - multiple slippage
  • NOVOX - blocking the client's account and not allowing the client to withdraw the profit money
  • HyperPay - blocked client's email, client can't change email and mobile number
  • XHB - prevented the client from withdrawing the principal
  • FinX Brokers - induced the client to invest and trade and eventually made him lose money
▼You can view broker information and complaint details on the FxGecko APP or website.\_US/
FxGecko reminds you to check the regulatory license, risk alert, customer complaints and service quality of these forex brokers or cryptocurrency exchanges.
And stay away from unregulated, low-rated and high-risk trading platforms to avoid potential scams and losses.
You can click here to recognize common investment trading scams to avoid being scammed.
Click here to see how to check if a broker is safe and what to do if you encounter a scam broker.
FxGecko reminds you that you should always be cautious when you come across investment opportunities that promise high returns with little or no risk. These are likely scams.
You should "ask, check and confirm" before investing.
You can check the regulatory licenses, security scores, customer complaints and other information about global trading platforms at FxGecko to avoid any potential scams.
You can also file a complaint against any problematic broker to seek a solution, or expose a scam broker to alert others not to be scammed.
When you have any problems submitting a complaint, you can contact FxGecko's customer service on Telegram. (+852 9562 7576, +86 132 5508 1716)
Welcome to join HitoRank community, which is regularly updated with information on the Forex market and trading brokers, as well as issues of investor complaints against brokers. Keeping a regular eye here will help you improve your market acumen and avoid common investment scams.
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For forex / crypto, when calculating sharpe ratio, where do we get risk-free rate percentage to use in the formula?

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CHF/JPY Forex Trade Signal - Swiss Franc to Japanese Yen Exchange Rate

CHF/JPY Forex Trade Signal - Swiss Franc to Japanese Yen Exchange Rate
💹⭐CHF/JPY Trade Signal⭐💹

Timeframe: Daily

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Get Forex Online Signal Report and Trade Signals for Forex, XAUUSD, XAG, Crude and Major Indices.

Average 75% accuracy rate

🔔Sign Up For a Free 10-day Trial
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CandleStick Trading Bible Strategy for Binary Option 2020

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