Forex Correlation Table: Are You Doubling Your Risk?

Using Python and Pandas to explore trader sentiment data

FXCM’s Speculative Sentiment Index (SSI) focuses on buyers and sellers, comparing how many are active in the market and producing a ratio to indicate how traders are behaving in relation to a particular currency pair. A positive SSI ratio indicates more buyers are in the market than sellers, while a negative SSI ratio indicates that more sellers are in the market. FXCM’s sentiment data was designed around this index, providing 12 sentiment measurements per minute (click here for an overview of each measurement.)
The sample data is stored in a GNU compressed zip file on FXCM’s GitHub as{instrument}.csv.gz. To download the file, we’ll use this URL, but change {instrument} to the instrument of our choice. For this example we’ll use EUUSD price.
import datetime import pandas as pd url = '' data = pd.read_csv(url, compression='gzip', index_col='DateTime', parse_dates=True) """Convert data into GMT to match the price data we will download later""" import pytz data = data.tz_localize(pytz.timezone('US/Eastern')) data = data.tz_convert(pytz.timezone('GMT')) """Use pivot method to pivot Name rows into columns""" sentiment_pvt = data.tz_localize(None).pivot(columns='Name', values='Value') 
Now that we have downloaded sentiment data, it would be helpful to have the price data for the same instrument over the same period for analysis. Note the sentiment data is in 1-minute increments, so I will need to pull 1-minute EURUSD candles. We could pull this data into a DataFrame quickly and easily using fxcmpy, however the limit of the number of candles we can pull using fxcmpy is 10,000, which is fewer than the number of 1-minute candles in January 2018. Instead, we can download the candles in 1-week packages from FXCM’s GitHub and create a loop to compile them into a DataFrame. This sounds like a lot of work, but really it’s only a few lines of code. Similarly to the sentiment data, historical candle data is stored in GNU zip files which can be called by their URL.
url = '' periodicity='m1' ##periodicity, can be m1, H1, D1 url_suffix = '.csv.gz' symbol = 'EURUSD' start_dt =,1,2)##select start date end_dt =,2,1)##select end date start_wk = start_dt.isocalendar()[1] end_wk = end_dt.isocalendar()[1] year = str(start_dt.isocalendar()[0]) data=pd.DataFrame() for i in range(start_wk, end_wk+1): url_data = url + periodicity + '/' + symbol + '/' + year + '/' + str(i) + url_suffix print(url_data) tempdata = pd.read_csv(url_data, compression='gzip', index_col='DateTime', parse_dates=True) data=pd.concat([data, tempdata]) """Combine price and sentiment data""" frames = data['AskClose'], sentiment_pvt.tz_localize(None) combineddf = pd.concat(frames, axis=1, join_axes=[sentiment_pvt.tz_localize(None).index], ignore_index=False).dropna() combineddf 
At this point you can begin your exploratory data analysis. We started by viewing the descriptive statistics of the data, creating a heatmap of the correlation matrix, and plotting a histogram of the data to view its distribution. View this articleto see our sample code and the results.
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